Candidate for State Assembly, 64th District

I am running for public office because I am frustrated with failed leadership and lack of fiscal responsibility in Sacramento.   Exercising my right to vote is no longer enough.   I feel it is time to get into action, to aspire to be part of the conversation in Sacramento.

 If elected I will vote to support measures that support public safety, and stimulate the economy and job growth.  I will vote to protect Prop 13 for residential and commercial property owners. I support cutting taxes to stimulate economic growth in the private sector and preserving tax credits for the working poor. I will support legislation that improves K-12 education and returns as much control as possible over spending and decision-making to  local school sites and support the creation of more vocational training opportunities and college readiness programs for youth in our communities.  I will fight to derail the bullet train project that Californian’s cannot afford, and instead fight to provide funding for desperately needed for local transportation and water infrastructure projects.  I will also vote to protect California residents’ 2nd Amendment and Constitutional rights.  I will support measures that provide funding for housing and other services needed by our veterans.   I will support measures that would allow out-of-state insurers to do business in California and provide our citizens with a variety of health plans that better meet their needs, rather than the current one-size-fits all approach.  

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Sanford for Assembly 2016
PO Box 2054
Gardena, CA 90247
PHONE: 323-570-9797

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